DYR 1051 FM


What is your full name? Londiwe Cele 

Where were you born? Durban, Westville to be precise 

What’s your date of birth? 4 May 

Complete the sentence: When I’m not on air at DYR I am… on campus or partying it up with mates  

My favourite thing to do in Durban on a weekend is? 

Laughing. I even laugh in my sleep. In fact I might be laughing right now. Hehe

Top three favourite songs right now? 

Schoolboy Q- that part

Kanye- Famous

Malibu- Heart don’t stand a chance

Given the opportunity to “save the world”, what is the first thing you would do?

If I could save the world I’d start saving each and every baby that’s in a tough situation, by saving the children from poverty I believe the world would be a better place (Yes, Michael Jackson much)